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Annapolis Statehouse
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2 out of 11 Most Endangered Historic Places in America are in the DC Area.

Date: Our Community Now, July 5, 2018, Masha Berman

The Washington, D.C., area has a long and rich history in America, but are the remnants of that history in danger?

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has released its 2018 list of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places, and two sites in the DMV made the list. Check out these two historic sites that may be endangered and what we can do to protect them. 

The first is the Annapolis City Dock Area. This area features a beautiful waterfront, with river views, and tons of restaurants and bars. It has been the cultural hub of the city for decades. The dock also hosts some of the biggest events in the city. 

However, there is “a current proposal to re-zone portions of the Colonial Annapolis Historic District,” which could seriously damage the tourism industry (therefore hurting the local economy, not to mention tourism and service-related jobs). The National Trust believes that the re-zoning will “permanently diminish its charm and unparalleled views.”

If this is an important spot to you, make sure that you stay informed on how the zoning will affect certain businesses, and get involved by signing petitions, writing an opinion for the local paper, or reaching out to local officials. 

The second place in our area on the most endangered list is Mount Vernon in Alexandria, Virginia. Mount Vernon was the home of our first president, George Washington, and it is also his current resting place. Visitors are welcome year-round to view his estate and grounds, as well as learn more about Washington and American history. 

But there is a “proposal to build a gas compressor station across the Potomac River from Mount Vernon and near Piscataway National Park,” which would block views of Mount Vernon and destroy some of the natural beauty of the park. 

As bad as all of this sounds, the National Trust did report that less than 5 percent of “endangered places” in America have been lost over a 31-year period. That is good news and means that actions working to save these sites have been successful. 

You can check out the other locations across the country on the list here

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