Sunday Social: Poetry in the Paca Garden

We’re celebrating National Poetry Month with Maggie Benshaw, Poet Laureate of Annapolis. Join us for an afternoon of poetry in the picturesque Paca Garden.

Homeschool Day: Garden to Table

Join us for a special Homeschool Day at the William Paca House & Garden. Through a unique, hands-on experience, students will learn about the varieties of vegetables, flowers, and herbs grown and used in the 18th century. We’ll step back in time in the Historic Kitchen to see what foods were eaten and how they… Continue reading Homeschool Day: Garden to Table

Virtual Lecture – Native Expulsion and Manifest Destiny

This talk explores westward expansion and its impact upon Native communities. Even though the phrase ‘manifest destiny’ was not used in print until 1845, the spirit of American expansionism that it referred to was very apparent long before the 1840s.

Revolutionary Annapolis Walking Tour

Join Historian Glenn E. Campbell for a “Revolutionary Annapolis Walking Tour.”  Walk in the footsteps of patriot leader William Paca as you follow his dramatic personal and political story through the revolutionary era.

Virtual Lecture – Let it Begin Here: The Battle of Lexington and Concord

This presentation addresses the events that led to, and the outbreak of, the armed conflict known as the Revolutionary War. Starting with resistance to British colonial policies that Americans perceived as arbitrary and violations of their liberty, and efforts to seek a redress of grievances, the Colony of Massachusetts Bay was declared to be in… Continue reading Virtual Lecture – Let it Begin Here: The Battle of Lexington and Concord