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Preservation Awards

Historic Annapolis recognizes property owners who have preserved and protected the historic fabric of their property and the historic district. Honoring developers, preservationists, and good stewards who continue to preserve the history and culture of Annapolis is a fundamental goal of this organization and its preservation initiatives. Annual Preservation Awards, honor those who have connected the history and culture of our city through preservation and good stewardship.

Each year in October at the Historic Annapolis Annual Meeting, awards are given to individuals, groups or projects that have exemplified dedication to the philosophy and actions of preserving our city through its architecture, design, and culture. If you would like to recommend an individual, group or project for Preservation Award consideration, please send the following information to

  • Name of nominee
  • Address or name of property associated with nominee
  • Describe why your nominee is deserving of our Preservation Award
  • If possible, pictures of the property associated with nominee

2018 Preservation Award Recipients

3 Sisters: The Ploutis Family

For the adaptive reuse and substantial reinvestment in 170 Main Street.

The Underwood Group and Elm Street Development

For the substantial reinvestment in and protection of Primrose Hill. 

Peter and Kathy Miller

For the substantial investment in and stewardship of 171 Green Street.  

Senator John C. Astle

For his significant contribution to the field of historic preservation. 

Sharon Kennedy

For her significant contribution to the field of historic preservation. 

Pringle Symonds

For her significant contribution to the field of historic preservation.