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Strategic Goals

  1. Uphold the organization’s role as a leader in historic preservation, education, and advocacy; 
  2. Create financial stability and organizational growth;
  3. Establish and maintain consistent and clear lines of communication both externally and internally;
  4. Expand partnerships and promotion opportunities; and
  5. Cultivate and serve a broader audience base. 

Core Purposes

  1. To represent the best interests of the community in protecting the city’s historic character;
  2. To provide the public with engaging and rich experiences that are unique to Annapolis and connected to the larger national story;
  3. To preserve significant historic and cultural resources including buildings, objects, artifacts, archival materials, and living collections; and
  4. To honor the legacy of our own organization.

Our Vision and Promise

To be a leading community resource in preserving and promoting the historic character of Maryland’s capital city, and provide opportunities that allow the public to better understand, enjoy, and experience our collective history for generations to come.