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Get a Historic Marker

What is a Historic Marker?

Fifty years ago, Historic Annapolis began honoring good stewards to our community with Historic Building Markers. Differing from an Easement, a Historic Marker is solely meant to celebrate a well preserved property and its owner. There are no restrictions placed on the property. In fact, there are several benefits available to those who are eligible for and partake in this special program (see the benefits below).

There are currently over 300 Historic Markers in the Annapolis Historic District. These markers vary in color to symbolize a building’s architectural style. To learn more about the history of the program, the design of the marker, and the architectural styles, please click here.

Historic Marker Benefits:

We encourage all eligible property owners to join our program! Not only will you become part of an exclusive group of property owners, but for a one time cost, you will also receive the following:

  • A complimentary Historic Annapolis membership at the $250 level for one year(renewed if you are a current member)
  • Free or reduced admission for preservation-based workshops, networking events, and lectures
  • Public recognition for your good stewardship to the City of Annapolis

Downtown businesses receive recognition and increased visibility through the program, while homeowners often experience benefits should they sell their property.

Receive the Recognition you Deserve!

To inquire about joining the Historic Marker Program, e-mail or call 410.267.7619. Curious as to what other properties are already reaping the benefits? Click here for a list of marker properties!