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Office of the President and CEO

Karen Brown
President and CEO
Phone: 410.990.4513

Jenny Kennedy
Senior Executive Associate
Phone: 443.221.6994

Development and Marketing

Traci Ramsey
Vice President, Advancement
Phone: 410.626.1033

Kaelynn Bedsworth
Development Outreach Director
Phone: 443.221.6997

Ginny Hockey
Weddings and Special Events Director
Phone: 410.990.4538

Special Events Facilitators:

Margaret Dunlap
Diane Fantone
Lauren Guest
Dawn Lafey
Amaya Moody
Wendy Rhule
Marion Riddle
Madeleine Toomey
Nakia Smith
Patricia Strain
Damon White

Education and Interpretation

Mary-Angela Hardwick
Vice President, Education & Interpretation
Phone: 410.990.4781

Dana Connett
Community Programs Specialist
Phone: 443.221.6969

Cara Garside
Education Assistant

Robin Matty Gower
Curator of Collections
Phone: 443.221.6962

Janet Hall
Visitor Services Manager
Phone: 410.990.4514

Nannetta Hall
Education Coordinator

Danielle Herbst
Education Specialist
Phone: 443.221.6980

Joe McCarthy
Phone: 443.221.6968

Patricia Soehnlein
Phone: 443.221.6968

Visitor Services Associates:

Sarah Butters (Lead Visitor Services Associate)
Pamela Gratton
Emma Miller
Leota Misiak
Lillian Niall
Margaret Radford (Lead Visitor Services Associate)
Deborah Schneider
Rose Stevens
Diana Tobin
Regina Todd

Finance and Human Resources 

Lucy Mikhailova
Senior Vice President, Finance
Phone: 410.990.4512

Margaret Acquarulo
Accounting Assistant

Preservation and Horticulture

Michael K. Day
Senior Vice President, Capital Projects
Phone: 443.221.6979

Rachel Robinson
Vice President, Preservation

Ben Cornwell
Phone: 443.221.6976

Joe Kuchuk
Facilities & Grounds Manager
Phone: 443.221.6977