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Bonus Podcast: What is the plan for City Dock? We get the answers!


Source: Eye on Annapolis, EOA Staff

City Dock in Annapolis has been studied to death. About the only thing that everyone can agree upon is that a parking lot is not the best use.

Last year, after a political firestorm placed City Dock on an endangered watchlist by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the parties came together. The City of Annapolis, the non-profit Historic Annapolis, and all of the various constituents (92 of them) have been working for nearly a year to re-imagine the area and are about to release that plan for adoption and implementation.

This plan has a great chance of working for a number of reasons. Have a listen as we talk about it with Eileen Fogarty and Bill Kardash who are the co-chairs of the City Dock Action Committee!