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In Memoriam – David P. Fogle


Last week, we lost a giant in the preservation field – David P. Fogle.

A Princeton-trained architect with an advanced degree in planning, Mr. Fogle was widely respected for his long-standing contributions in the historic preservation field and as a stalwart champion of historic architecture, planning, and preservation.

I knew of him long before I knew him – he was the “OG.” I knew he was a respected professor in the UMD Architecture program and established the Maryland Study Center at Kiplin Hall in England over 40 years ago, an innovative program and extraordinary opportunity for preservation students to apply their studies, firsthand, through field work in an 17th century English manor house, the ancestral home of George Calvert. I also knew of Mr. Fogle as a cherished advisor to Mayor Ellen Moyer on historic preservation issues. And I knew he was considered a living legend as an historic preservationist, so designated by the Annapolis Heritage Commission. Years later, I became one of the lucky staffers at HA who got to know Mr. Fogle better an advisor and member of the Historic Annapolis Board of Trustees.

“Convinced that identity is linked with a place, and that preservation helps us all know more about who and where we are, David Fogle breathed life into preservation programs around the world,” said Mayor Moyer in 2021.

All of us here at Historic Annapolis are grateful for Mr. Fogle’s life’s work. We will honor his legacy though our continued work as champions of historic preservation, connecting people and places, and preserving what he valued — Annapolis’s historic architecture and sense of place.