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Local Business Spotlight: Historic Annapolis and Karen Theimer Brown


Source: Eye on Annapolis, John Frenaye

HA President Karen Theimer Brown recently sat down with Eye on Annapolis to talk about all that’s going on at Historic Annapolis.

Many people ask, “What does Historic Annapolis do?” And many others ask, “Is that the same as the HPC?” Well, the answers to those questions are “a lot” and “no.”

Today we sit down with Karen Theimer Brown the President and CEO of Historic Annapolis to get those answers and to delve into the organization, its properties, its events, its museum and programs, and what Karen hopes will be her legacy if and when she ever leaves (the answer to that is “not likely any time soon”)!

Historic Annapolis is truly a needed organization in this living museum named Annapolis!

Have a listen!