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Seawalls and a welcome center — did Annapolis get its flood plan right?


Source: The Baltimore Banner, Rick Hutzell

“Annapolis unveiled its long-awaited design for a maritime welcome center Wednesday, part of an $88 million reimagining of City Dock to protect the historic city from rising seas and climate change.

It now faces an ambitious timeline and uncertain public response. The City Dock design goes before three key bodies with approval powers next month, perhaps none more important than the Maryland Historical Trust.

Driving it all is another deadline. Twenty years after Tropical Storm Isabel inundated the area with a storm surge, every increasingly volatile storm season without stronger flood protections brings a risk of greater destruction.

“This is the City Dock for the next 50 years, if not longer,” Mayor Gavin Buckley told members of a committee that has helped shape the plan over the past five years. “We have to get it right.”

So did the city get it right?…”